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NEMA WC 27500
Cables and their designations

Cable SpecID MethodAWG SizeBasic Wire TypeNo. of WiresShield TypeJacket Material

We manufacture cables with the following basic wire types, shields, and or jacket styles. Basic Wire Type.

SymbolWire Spec. #

Helistrand is QPL on these four wire types.
For other basic wire types such as RC, LE, RB, SB, SM, ML, TA and
many others, Helistrand will purchase the basic wire or customers
can furnish them.

Braided Shield Styles

SymbolShield MaterialTemp. LimitDouble Shield Symbol
UNo Sheild
TTin copper-round150°CV
SSilver-coated copper round200°CW
NNickel-coated copper round260°CY

Jacket Styles

Single Jacket SymbolJacket MaterialTemp. LimtDouble Jacket Symbol
00No Jacket
05Extruded FEP clear200°C55
09Extruded FEP white200°C59
14Extruded ETFE white150°C64
15Extruded ETFE clear150°C65
20Extruded PFA white260°C70
21Extruded PFA clear260°C71
06Taped and heat-sealed polytetrafluoroethylene260°C56