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  • Helistrand Extruder

Helistrand manufactures custom high-temperature wires and cables.
We specialize in extruded wire, insulations, and jackets.
We also manufacture hook-up wire, Mil-Spec cables, and nuclear cables. We are based in Santa Barbara, California.

Helistrand Braider

Our Core Products

  • Insulations and Jackets
  • FEP
  • PFA
  • ETFE
  • TFE tape
  • Qualified Source for M22759 wire including AS22759/16,
  • AS22759/17, AS22759/18, and AS22759/19
  • M16878/11(K), M6878/12(KK) and
  • M16878/13 (KT)
  • NEMAWC27500, 55021, and similar constructions
  • Nuclear Cables
  • Radiation-resistant wire using DuPont TEFZEL
  • Nuclear cables meet requirements of IEEE 383-1974 flame and LOCA tests
  • Industrial Cables
  • Custom wires and cables for applications in steel mills, refineries, fossil fuel plants, etc
  • Braided control cables for custom motorcycles
  • Composite cables